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View Diary: Right-wing hysteria over Williams' firing continues (363 comments)

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  •  his words were taken out of contex ? (0+ / 0-)

    you must understand that the context is the whole style, not just the words.

    It's the Faux news style to say "I'm not a bigot"
    then go on to say bigoted things, then cover your ass by saying "of course I didn't mean for you to take it just the way you took it".

    It's a calculated CYA move, and they all do it over there. Very Rovian.

    1. Apologize first
    1. Throw "it" out on the table
    1. "I didn't mean.." or "sorry if anyone's offended" which is code for "you got the message, right? Now I gotta say a few Fair and Balanced words..."

    #2 is what everyone remembers, by design.

    He's been doing this for years. Probably learned it at fox. every GOP pundit and congressmember does this. Dog Whistles.

    Without geometry, life is pointless. And blues harmonica players suck.

    by blindcynic on Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 08:36:08 PM PDT

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    •  Yes, that is a Fox tactic, but thats not what (0+ / 0-)

      happened, its simple how its being framed
      because its the easier than dealing with
      the complexity of his argument to O'Reilly
      about not letting our FEELINGS dictate our

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