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View Diary: Republicans Cut and Run on Spending Cuts (18 comments)

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  •  I'm betting the budget (8+ / 0-)
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    to field bogus investigations and inquiries into the Obama Administration, with an eye on the wingnut fantasy of a second impeachment fiasco, will be unlimited.

    Memo to the Village: The GOP has no credibility on deficits, on shrinking the size and intrusive power of the Federal Government, or balancing budgets.

    If you told them the US economy might collapse if there was another round of tax cuts for the rich over real leadership on the economy, they might try to eliminate taxation on people making over 250 grand a year in response.

    •  What is most disheartening is that (9+ / 0-)

      we already had to beat the GOP and the Village to win elections. The GOP couldn't do what it does without the help of the media.

      Now, we have to beat the GOP, the Village, and the Citizen's United Oligarchy Express.

      We need to get through November 2nd, and then help to rebuild from whatever goes down a more institutionally partisan, and combative, Democratic Party.

      The GOP is being rewarded for being total obstructionist pieces of shit because the status-quo in DC allows for that.

      2006-2010 was a referendum on endlessly seeking bipartisanship and trying to work with people who have absolutely no intentions of ever working with you.

      Netroots reborn. Time to rally around getting rid of Citizen's United and rebuilding the Democratic Party into a better more competent and capable fighting outfit.

      There's a reason these wingnuts and their traditional media apologists freak out when Democrats fight back.

      We win when the fight is two-sided.  

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