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View Diary: Rep. Slaughter demands Gannon investigation (194 comments)

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  •  Contact your Representative/Senators (4.00)
    Ask them to support Rep. Slaughter's call for an investigation.

    •  Rep. Slaughter is Great (none)
      1st ever political contribution was to her first campaign (she used to be my representative).  Best money ever spent.
      •  I just called Rep. (none)
        Slaughter's office to thank her and they enjoyed hearing the positive feedback.  Please give them a call.  (Click on the link in the diary to the letter; their number is in the upper right corner.)

        When other Congresspeople hear that she is getting a lot of support, maybe they'll jump on the bandwagon.

        SusanG and the DKos communtiy did a fabulous job!  I can't even begin to express my appeciation, awe, and gratitude.

        Now we have to see this expose through by supporting anyone in Congress or the msm who picks up the ball.  We need to help keep it moving forward.  Big Mo, as the elder Bush used to say.  

    •  Obama has a nice letter from me on this (none)
      as does Durbin.

      I love my senators.  :)

      If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

      by Georgia Logothetis on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 02:22:58 PM PST

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    •  Template for Red-Staters... (none)
      such as myself.  I just sent the following to my (Republican) senators and representative:


      I'm writing to express my wish that you support Representative Louise Slaughter's demand for an investigation into the possible link between discredited "journalist" Jeff Gannon and the White House.  The recent payola revelations between the Administration and some members of the media, combined with Mr. Gannon's inexplicable prominence at White House press briefings, calls into serious question the relationship between the two.

      Regardless of one's political affiliation, we must acknowledge the role the press plays as the public's surrogate to the workings of our government.  This trust is severely compromised when the role of public questioner is willfully assigned to political operatives such as Gannon.  I urge you to join in Rep. Slaughter's demand for transparency -- silence on this issue is tantamount to a betrayal of the public trust we have invested in you.

      Best regards

      I wasn't prepared to include the "military prostitution" angle, as I feel it detracts from the true issue here, but that's just me.  Feel free to use any or all of this.  You never know, it might do some good.

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