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View Diary: Rep. Slaughter demands Gannon investigation (194 comments)

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  •  Everyone Should Email Their Congressman (none)
    and tell them to get on board with this.

    "Since when is being liberal a BAD thing?"

    by Red Red Worm on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 10:49:51 AM PST

    •  Yeah... (none)
      I am sure Saxby Chambliss is going to demand an investigation. He will hobble right over on his "I can't go to Vietnam bad knees" and demand an explination. Let me fire up Outlook!


      Signature Impaired.

      by gttim on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 10:53:49 AM PST

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      •  ol saxby (none)
        yeah I wrote him about gonzalez-- felt like a waste of time but what the heck.


        •  Chambliss = Deaf Ears (none)
          I too, wrote to Chambliss after I received one of his constituent newsletters. He proudly supported AG on the floor. I told him this was not my opinion and laid out reasons why I disagreed with him. For what it's worth, Chambliss  attacked Max Cleland here when he won his Senate seat. While there are some good blue people here, we're swimming in a pool of idiotic red.  

          I'll continue to write and voice my opinion.

          •  Chambliss (none)
            That smooth, smug bucket of slime. Can't forget what he did to Cleland.

            Could this be a Rovian set up to discredit the Liberal web sites? I'm nearly certain he was behind the CBS memo meltdown. Now everybody's forgotten the real issue of George W.'s TANG truancies.

            As Daily Kos becomes more powerful, as seems to be the case, those mainstream power brokers will tend to be more resentful and nervous.

            If this turns out to be Rove's doing, what's the worst that could happen? I mean, at least all the details will be out there.

    •  Tom Tancredo is my Congressman (none)
      enough said...

      The Meek Shall Inherit NOTHING

      by LickBush on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 10:54:32 AM PST

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