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View Diary: Rep. Slaughter demands Gannon investigation (194 comments)

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  •  unless (4.00)
    it was a WH journo who tipped off Atrios about Gannon's name.

    Unless it was a WH journo who got Brock & Media Matters going...

    I mean, I know it was that last Q to the Preznit about Democrats being "divorced from reality" that went beyond the pale and mobilized inquiry.  But, maybe, just maybe, some of the corps have been following and waiting, and lending an anonymous hand here and there.

    Of course, they coulda shoulda done something earlier.  But the timing now is auspicious.  The Armstrong matter, the burgeoning payola, the new Pentagon network & now this.  It's got mojo & moxy; it's a ripe as french cheese.

    So, I'm all for putting our energies into digging further and spreading the word, not in boohooing the MSM (who will come in very handy, as a matter of fact & with some of whom we might well be able to build relationships of mutual benefit)

    "God help the political system in which a thoroughly addled sovereign is faced with a real crisis." Anatole Lieven, Carnegie Endowment for Peace

    by Tulip on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 11:16:09 AM PST

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    •  double fours on that (none)
      I'm guessing its a WH goose from the gaggle who tipped off Atrios. We give ourselves a lot of credit here, but someone from the outside fed him the information that 1) Gannon was a fake name, and 2) the real name is JD Guckert.  Then they just sat back and watched it rip here.
    •  I think Tulip got it..... (none)
      Someone from inside the WH press corp pushed this along to Atrios and Brock.  Perhaps if they, themselves had started to ask questions, access would have been cut off, Helen Thomas style.  

      Recall the SNL skip- Helen getting the poison blow dart to the neck everytime she asked a question????  

    •  Questions before this (none)
      A while back on either dKos or Atrios, I read about the white house not allowing women to get credentials using their professional names, if they had another name (their married name, e.g.) in their private lives.  There was a FOIA request, IIRC, that uncovered the press pass issued to "Jeff Gannon" in quotes.  Thus began the first rumblings of the shitstorm: why did "Jeff Gannon" get to use his professional name but female press personnel didn't?
    •  but Limbaugh's bragging really pissed us off (none)
      I think so many of us on DU, here, media matters got so pissed off by that soup line bullshit we all got our pool sticks out(in reference to Reid) and started digging
    •  The Guckert link... (none)
      I really think this is where they got the name from....picture fromAmericaBlog

      Look at the third and fourth green lines.

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