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View Diary: AZ-07: White powder sent to Grijalva’s office determined to be toxic (198 comments)

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  •  but it won't fly over the heads of..... (5+ / 0-) audiences such as on dKos, and lawyers, law enforcement, intel,

    This is an important concept for people to get:  What the hate-talkers and shit-talkers are aiming for is to stir up lone wolves.  Ultimately they are going for hits on prominent progressives and elected officials.  And when the hits occur, the shit-talkers have plausible deniability and get a legal pass via Brandenburg (the "imminent" standard for incitement, like a "fast food" standard for restaurants).  

    Think of pollution.  You run a company that dumps toxic shit in the river and there's a predictable statistical increase in cancers downstream.  But no individual case of cancer can be proven definitively to have resulted from the pollution, so your company is safe from lawsuits.  

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