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View Diary: Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End! (306 comments)

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  •  You missed an opportunity, Michael (3+ / 0-)
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    Here I thought you were going to point out the obvious analogy--how many people in this country have cause to get nervous when they see someone driving around with a gunrack on the pickup, or a belt buckle bigger than a hubcap, or a ten-gallon hat on their head.

    After all, this is the traditional garb of many domestic right-wing Christian terrorists.  The fact that many ordinary (and harmless) rural Americans and Christians also dress this way is irrelevant--were I a gay man, or an obvious DFH, or an African-American, I might get nervous to see a guy on an airplane wearing cowboy boots--you never know if it's a budding Eric Rudolph or Timothy McVeigh.

    Teahad, jihad--what's the difference, after all?

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