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  •  Pence will work (0+ / 0-)

    >>>>Pence's vow isn't exactly a shock. After all, his party believes that the federal government is the root cause of every problem in this country. If they had their way, we wouldn't have things like Social Security, Medicare, interstate highways, student aid, civil rights legislation, or Constitutional protections for individual privacy<<<<</p>

    No where did Pence say he opposed any of that. Those views are your opinion, not Pence's policy views.

    He said in the text posted no compromise on more spending and bailouts like how large will be  another bailout.

    He also stated on a GRETA interview last week that where there was,  "authentic common cause he would work with Democrats." He cited Sen Wyden as an example of a Dem with a common cause policy.

    Pence said Wyden had a plan for cross statelines  insurance policies which Pence supports.

    •  That's bullshit (0+ / 0-)

      Everyone knows Pence will try to defund state expendiature - labelling all fed money 'earmarks'.

      He's in the pocket of Big Interest - Charles Koch personally holds his leash.  Pence is going to keep faking being a populist, all while being a puppet.

      He talks tough - because that's what he's been told to do.  He's a yes man - a henchman.  He'll vote exactly how his General Glenn Beck tells him to.  

      The marching orders will get handed down at Palm Springs and he'll fall lock step right in line.

      He won't vote his conscience, because he doesn't have one.  He's a self-interested power mongering fascist.  Nothing more, nothing less.

      "Ubermensch" is German for "Douchebag"

      by meatballs on Mon Oct 25, 2010 at 12:00:54 PM PDT

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