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  •  He needs to do what is best for the country (0+ / 0-)

    whether the GOP agrees or not.

    The GOP is full of bigots, criminals, sexists, homophobes, morons, and screaming lunatics.

    When you put a lunatic in restraint, his view on the matter is not relevant. Of course he objects, he's a lunatic. However the doctors and police have an obligation to the individual AND the public to prevent him from harming himself and others.

    I'm sorry that a major part of the GOP doesn't believe in evolution, but we are NOT required to give ignorance equal time in science. Do you REALLY think it would be in the best interests of humanity to STOP teaching evolutionary biology in medical school just because a vocal minority demand it. Hell, even if a vocal MAJORITY demanded it, that would be wrong.

    Facts are NOT democratic. No matter how many people believe a lie, it never becomes the truth. Conversely, not matter how many people reject a fact, it does not become a lie.

    A LEADER does what is best for the COUNTRY, not what solution polls best.

    Catering to The Stoopid(tm) is what got us into this mess in the first place.

    If Obama had acted like Bush we would have gotten REAL universal health care, the repeal of DADT and DOMA, and the stimulus package heavy on public works, and skimpy on tax cuts for the big business.

    "Attempts at bi-partisanship" STOP when the other sides repeatedly refuses to negotiate in good faith.

    The GOP has not only refused to negotiate in good faith, they have come right out and said that if they win the election their will be NO compromise, and they are going to do everything possible to impeach Obama and dismantle everything he DID accomplish.

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