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View Diary: WaPo Study:  70% of Tea Bag Party Doing NO GOTV!! (179 comments)

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  •  Some comments from WaPo (20+ / 0-)

    Not sure if all can see them, but here's the comment link.  It's fun:

    texasmamma777 wrote:
    Bridge3263 wrote: "I notice you retreat very quickly when just a couple of facts hit you back between the eyes"
    i "retreat" (ahem) when a young Leftist like you starts flinging around words like "facts".

    "facts" + "liberals like you" = does not compute

    i'll not be wasting time with you, bridge. sorry to disappoint, but i'm not gonna' "engage" with you -- it would be unfair of me to take advantage like that. (you're too immature, too snide, too hysterical, too fast with personal attacks.)

    and, frankly, you seem kinda' "creepy", baby. chill

    and don't YOU vote on 11/02/10

    “Of course, their general lack of interest in politics also suggests that they could just as easily recede, particularly if the economy improves.”

    WELLLL not if Dick Armey gives them a free bus ride to the next Ho-down.

    “Riner said. "I wanted them to know what the tea party represents. It's about smaller government and less taxes.”

    If Teepartiers don’t support taxes they don’t support more war …they are traitors.

    “But the interviews found that Obama's race is, in fact, important in more than one in 10 tea party groups.”

    NO SPIT!!

    Pretty thin gruel, WaPo. Why not gauge things after Nov. 2nd?

    I thought that, too.  Don't want to let a WaPo report inspire to let our guard down, righ...Left?

    Members of the Tea Party call themselves patriots.

    Then why is Sarah Palin autographing and desecrating the American flag

    Doesn't she know flag code?

    Rah Roh, Sarah!  And, gee, did she charge a fee for a signed, desecrated flag?

    10.2.10 March On Washington ROCKED

    by War on Error on Sun Oct 24, 2010 at 07:05:05 PM PDT

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