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View Diary: WaPo Study:  70% of Tea Bag Party Doing NO GOTV!! (179 comments)

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    Democrats are organized down to the precinct level with precinct committee officers responsible for contacting 100 households in their neighborhoods. I turned out 81% to vote by staying in touch, calling, dropping leaflets, talking on porches and handing out window signs. They were mine and I got them out to vote. I went to the Dem organization meetings in their stead and kept them informed. Our county-wide Democrats could be seen at every street fair and parade. We did the work and had the fun.

    Tea beggers are lazy and stupid about politics.

    CLEAR Act would sell carbon shares to fuel producers and would return 75 percent of the resulting revenue in $1,100 checks to every American.

    by mrobinson on Sun Oct 24, 2010 at 10:44:35 PM PDT

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