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  •  WHERE IS THE MSM? (4.00)
    Are they covering this AT ALL yet? Where are the Democrats? All we need is Kennedy to mention it. Please, someone push this into the top story. THIS THINGS IS HUGE- we only need to push it in to the open and MAKE the media cover it! Time for a mass e-mail and talk show call-in campaign.
    •  Well... (none)
      for what Wolf Blitzer and CNN covered of it, and how they covered it, it almost wasn't worth their effort.

      My three year old learned a few words I would have preferred he didn't at the end of that segment.

    •  LOL (none)
      WHERE IS THE MSM? Are they covering this AT ALL yet? ....MAKE the media cover it!

      That's funny.

      Orwell is spinning in his grave

      by tlh lib on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 03:40:37 PM PST

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      •  Sometimes I forget (4.00)
        But seriously, it's up to US ot make this happen. One reason why the right wing pundit get on talk shows is because of the billionaire-funded think tanks that can afford to pay them to live in Washington in buildings with built-in studios and they fax, e-mail and call reporters every day and suggest story and feed quotes. We need to start our own version of this. We need to get our people out there. The big corporations have downsized newsrooms so much that there are simply not enough resources to do a good job covering the news (assuming they even want to do a good job, which might be assuming a lot these days). When someone feeds a reporter a story they help craft that story in their frame with their point of view with the other side having to deny it's importance or veracity. As LBJ is said to have told an aide after telling him to plant stories about an opponent's sexual appetite for animals: "I don't care if he did it, I want to hear him deny it!"
    •  MSM = ? (none)
      in a funny coincidence, MSM is also the "PC" term to refer to "Men who have Sex with Men", from my public health days.

      Took me forever to realize you were referenceing MainStream Media... prediction was so wrong I don't deserve a sig block...

      by el ganador on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 05:24:08 PM PST

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