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  •  Kurtz didn't get anything wrong (none)
    He presented it exactly the way he wanted to.  He, probably more so than any of us, knows exactly what the fuck is going on.  But he and Wolfie have subterranean motives not apparent to us.

    A moment of resistance; a lifetime of capitulation.

    by lapin on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 03:51:51 PM PST

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    •  Clarification (none)
      I meant "wrong" in the old-fashioned 5-ws, just-the-facts sense, not the new "must help the corporation first" sense. I assumed the story would be disinfotainment at best, but HK should at least make the appearance of reporting what he knows.
    •  Seeing is believing (4.00)
      We should gaive special thanks to Kurtz and Wolf for this eye-opening revelation that the media is warped in this country.

      Everyone tut-tutted Dean supporters when we said that the media made a hit on Dean in the primaries, (NOOO, every one scream Dean lost fair and square) it was even proven that Dean only recieved 47% positive reviews compared to the high 80% and 90% reviews for Kerry and Edwards respectively.

      Then Kerry got smacked down by the media and it wasn't so funny anymore.

      Now for this board that has over one half million readers watch Kurtz and Wolf make GOP assess out of themselves have just done us the biggest favor ever. Now, with out a shadow of a doubt at least FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE HAVE NOW BEEN SHOWN ABSOLUTE PROOF OF HOW THE MEDIA IS MANIPULATED FROM THE SO-CALLED BASTIONS OF JOURNALISM; THE WASHINGTON POST, TO THE CABLE INFO-TAINMENT PROPOGANIST;CNN.

      •  And yet, (3.50)
        surprisingly, even after all this, there are people

        on THIS SITE, who will still come on here and talk about how Dean spontaneously "self-destructed" or "imploded" and when we try and correct them, they call us paranoid conspiracy nuts.

        What does it take to get through to some people?

        Or is it just that I fail to realize that a lot of people coming onto Kos are pretty new to this whole world, and really have only just started paying attention to what is really going  on in this country within the past few weeks or months?  Thus, is it unfair of me to expect them to know all about all the shit that has gone on with our corrupt corporate media over the past FOUR YEARS . . . or more?

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