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  •  Ahh, yes (4.00)
    I remember the good ole' days, back in October, with a little site called I remember the freepers finding my home phone number.

    They were digging, just like we dug. They found the other domains I owned. They dug and dug.

    Yes, it was scary. But I went on, because what we were doing was important. Yes, I received many threats, but after a while you just either get used to it, or hire some ninjas. I recommend Jeff hire some ninjas. Ninjas are sooooooooooo sweet that I want to crap my pants.

    •  Sweeeet (none)
      obviously, politics for you is a quest for real ultimate power :)

      (injoke for those who frequent really bad websites.)

    •  I hope Gannon-Guckert is rich..... (none)
      `cause if he ain't, his life is gonna be a livin' hell from now on out. There are horror stories about people who became "famous" out-of-the-blue, I remember a TV interview with a girl who became "famous" for something years ago - can't even remember who it was (incipient senility?),  but she said, "You better DAMNED sure be rich! If you don't have a big house with a high fence somewhere "gated," if you can't afford security, "they" will hound you to DEATH! Day and night. You have to hide, you have to move, you just can't get away from `em; they NEVER give up!"

      We could probably call it the Kato Syndrome, after OJ's little buddy.

      Everything's changed now, Mr. Gannon. It's a new world for ya, I `spect.

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