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  •  what happens (none)
    if Gannon suddenly has a little "accident" right about now. I think Goss still has E.Howard Hunt's number.

    Pop, there goes the story.

    •  Nope (none)
      Gannon's part of the story is done (although I certainly hope no one "pops" him).

      We only needed his real name so we could proceed to the next stage of research.

      So if we never learn any more about him than we already have, it's fine.

      •  from your keyboard (none)
        to the creator's ears: but our research (like our research on Ohio votergate) can only take us so far: Catherine Graham had a beef with Nixon and allowed the deep throat thing to happen (but WG was stopped short just like contragate and BCCI and every other piece of the puzzle that might have shown us something larger)...

        I hope and pray the MSM will pick this up: but it may hit a little too close to home, b/c it's reporters admitting that well yes some of them are bought out

        already we have four pulled out of the woodwork in the last two weeks: the old MSM has cockroaches

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