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  •  Have you done any FOIA requests for his press app? (none)
    •  It's assigned (none)
      Don't know what stage we're in with it, but it's in the works.

      We're also FOIA'ing his FOIA on Daschle.

      We have scads of FOIA requests in some stage of development. A whole research team is doing nothing but that.

    •  NPR's David Folkenflik asked him about it (none)
      He said that the congressional press credential application indicated that Gannon had applied as "James Guckert."

      JG and he danced around the pseudonym issue for quite a while. Gannon/Guckert got kinda pissy about Folkenflik knowing what was on his application and said that the congressional folks had violated the privacy clause of the application process, and that he would make sure they answered for it.

      Very entertaining and well worth the listen.

      Proud member of SusanG's pirate crew, arr!

      by marisa on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 06:27:20 PM PST

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