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  •  Was Mclennan or Fleisher giving the briefing? (none)
    and whichever one it was, did they acknowledge "Gannon" BY NAME?

    When exactly did "Gannon" start getting picked out as a questioner? Several months after he got his feet under the table as it were, or did he hit the ground running with softballs?

    •  Olbermann asked this one also (none)
      It would appear, from the fact that McClelland called him "Jeff" very clearly, that the White House was complicit in this matter.

      Olbermann ran a series of softball questions from this guy, one after the other, so that the viewer could get a good sense of exactly how suck-up these questions were. McClelland clearly called him "Jeff".

      They were in on it, and it goes all the way to the top.

      •  That's a bit of a stretch.... (none)
        Remember, they call the other lady "Helen", all the time.

        Granted, she's been there since before Christ, but I don't think calling someone by their first name is all that incriminating.

        When the PEOPLE lead, the LEADERS follow!

        by mlkisler on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 09:38:05 PM PST

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        •  Didn't know him? (none)
          Come on. He saw the bald headed dude everyday for 2 years in a small room [ever been in the room? its tiny!] The dude lobbed softball question and ran interference for him and didn't realy know the guy? Like in the biblical sense you mean? Otherwise that a poor defense and pure nonsense.
        •  Kisler, I think you missed the point... (none)
          His name is not "Jeff", it's "James".

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