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  •  What does it take to get the story out? (none)
    And I am troubled that it took the sex angle for the corporate media to start paying attention.

    Why should we apologize for fairly having to pitch a story to a system plagued by ADD on issues, except when it concerns the prurient?  So they serve the prurient as the entree with the important issues as side dishes.  Should we care as long as the public eats their peas?

    (can you tell that someone's cranky and hungry?)

    •  But when the story gets out, what is it about? (none)
      If we can't prove the prostitute/pimp angle (and right now both accusations don't really hold water) then the story could very easily end up being "liberals drive onservative from job with false accusations" rather than what the story is:

      Conservatives set up paid mouthpiece to disseminate propaganda.

      Is there inside information that points to this being a) true and b) provable.

      Otherwise, this is the stupidest thing we could possibly do to the story, and ourselves...

      (And now I'm going to go read the updated diary/diaries to see if I've just put my foot in my mouth because I'm speaking without knowing that new information has come to light.

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