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  •  Well cIass we've all learned a valuable lesson (none)
    Its very important to narrow and focus your career goals if you want to be successful.  You can be a White House Reporter, Or male prostitute, but you really shouldn't try to  be both at the same time.

    Seriously though, why do tools like this ALWAYS seem to have horrifyingly embarrassing skeletons in their closet.  How do we keep getting so damn lucky? Take away the MilitaryEscortM4M angel from this story and you have a yawner for the MSM, a defiant "Gannon" would continue to "report" for Talon, and all our efforts would be for naught.

    Is this simply good Karma, Cosmic irony?  or are all conservatives secretly harboring a cross-dressing midget fetish?  Personally I'm going with the latter, nobody can really be that uptight all the time.   Now that we've warmed up on Gannon if someone could just find those pictures of Tom Delay engaging in lascivious acts with a goat we'll really be rockin'

    Knowledge is power Power Corrupts Study Hard Be Evil

    by Magorn on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 07:51:09 AM PST

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