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  •  GOP: No Taxes for Corp. - People to Pay the Taxes (8+ / 0-)

    Voters everywhere beware -- When the GOP state that they want less government, what they really mean is that they want NO government and more Corporate Rule!  They want the people paying taxes and the Corporatins to pay No taxes.  The GOP and Tea Parties want no Social Security, no Verterans' benefits, no regulation of Wall Street, banks and credi card companies; they want nothing to get in the way of their corporate greed and profits.  They want less spending on American streets, infra-structure, schools and yet more Spending on Wall Street stocks and bonds, so that they can build up  a stock pile of profit which will only benefit the wealthy and well-connected while America further decays into a third-world country.  What they really want is a dictatorship again!

    Watch out America, the GOP has already sold millions of jobs to China and India.

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