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View Diary: Senate Snapshot, October 25th: Lieberman and Nelson aren’t going anywhere (121 comments)

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  •  I think Reid will be fine-- (6+ / 0-)

    his internal polling has him up a consistent 6.  I'm sure that assumes a massive GOTV, but he's pretty much the Man in NV politics so I think he can deliver.  I'm sure it also assumes an LV model that does not build in assinine assumptions about how only teabagging republicans will vote in this election.

    I think CO is going to be a tense evening but Bennet will make it too by virtue of a kick-ass GOTV (CO Dems built up one of the best GOTV machines in the country for 08; that's how we ended up taking the state by 8.5 points).  IL may or may not be tense, but I think G. makes it too.  Sestak who knows; I might put his chances at closer to 40% than 26.  Conway is still just an outside chance, unfortunately, but it could happen.

    In short, I think we're at 54 seats minimum, and maybe 56...

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