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View Diary: Paramilitaries And Vigilantes; What The Right Is Bringing America (296 comments)

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  •  Historically, fascism raised it's ugly head (13+ / 0-)

    during the great global depression of the 1930's. Like a zombie it is blinking and twitching during this great global recession.

    This emerging proto-fascism has swept the Republican party via Fox News. It is creeping through the Global Murdoch empire and manifesting itself around the world in various forms.

    Abortion,immigrants,muslims, minorities and gays are in it's cross hairs. That's a lot of hate.

    I'm not sure what we'll do if this continues. I hope for the best, but I expect the worse.

    May rational minds and hearts prevail!

    After all is said and done, a lot more is said than done.

    by Brahman Colorado on Tue Oct 26, 2010 at 07:49:33 AM PDT

    •  Hatemongers Poised to Exploit Obama Election: (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Brahman Colorado

      Southern Poverty Law Center

      Hatemongers Poised to Exploit Obama Election, Tough Economic Times
      Updated: 01/29/2009

      President Obama may have smashed the ultimate political barrier to African Americans, but his presidency and the deepening economic crisis are creating the perfect storm for white supremacists intent on swelling their ranks.

      Racist extremists have been energized by Obama's election, hoping to exploit an Obama backlash among whites who resent having a black man in the White House.

      Neo-Nazi David Duke says Obama will be a "visual aid" for angry white Americans and will provoke a backlash among relatively mainstream whites that will "result in a dramatic increase in [the] ranks" of extremists. Many other hate group leaders agree.

      That backlash was evident in the aftermath of the election as scores of racially charged incidents — beatings, effigy burnings, racist graffiti, threats and intimidation — were reported across the country.

      "There's a real fury out there in certain quarters," said Mark Potok, director of the SPLC's Intelligence Project.

      White supremacist groups boasted of a post-election surge of new members as well as overwhelming traffic to their websites. At least two hate groups — Stormfront and the Council of Conservative Citizens — said their websites crashed because of heavy traffic. Stormfront also claimed to have gained thousands of new members immediately after Obama was elected on Nov. 4. The League of the South, a neo-secessionist group, said it saw a surge in phone calls from potential members and that its web traffic increased sixfold.

      Even before the election, racial rage began to break out across the country. Effigies of Obama appeared hanging from nooses on university campuses. And angry supporters of John McCain and Sarah Palin reportedly shouted "Kill him" and "terrorist" at a campaign rally. Racist graffiti targeting Obama abounded.

      Law enforcement agencies say Obama has received more threats than any previous president-elect. Two suspected assassination plots already have been broken up — one involving two racist skinheads in Tennessee — and, just before Obama's Jan. 20 inauguration, a Wisconsin man was arrested for threatening to kill Obama in an Internet posting. On Jan. 27, a Denver grand jury indicted a Colorado man who sent e-mails to the FBI's Washington office eight days before the inauguration, threatening to kill Obama within the next 48 hours and blow up a mall.

      At the same time, the economic meltdown is helping to create the conditions in which racist extremist and militia groups typically thrive, often by scapegoating minorities and by stoking fear and division among those who are harmed by events beyond their control or understanding.

      Neo-Nazi Jeff Schoep may have offered the clearest vision of how the economy can be exploited.

      "Historically, when times get tough in our nation, that's how movements like ours gain a foothold," the leader of the National Socialist Movement told USA Today. "When the economy suffers, people are looking for answers. ... We are the answer for white people."

      "The first step towards madness is to think oneself wise." ~Fernando de Rojas

      by Annalize5 on Tue Oct 26, 2010 at 10:14:26 AM PDT

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      •  This was absolutely foreseeable, AND foreseen (0+ / 0-)
        Some of us saw it coming two years before the 2008 elections. Simply put, "If this guy gets elected, the wingnuts will go apeshit!"

        He did, and they have been ever since.

        If it's
        Not your body
        Then it's
        Not your choice
        AND it's
        None of your damn business!

        by TheOtherMaven on Tue Oct 26, 2010 at 09:56:39 PM PDT

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