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  •  You could think of it like (1+ / 0-)
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    the box of candles you keep in the closet for the very rare but possibly very inconvenient event of the power going out.

    Or like the toilet plunger. It's used very rarely, if at all, yet having it is not like saying you need it all the time.

    Or like any number of things that I'm not thinking of that may be lying around your place. My dad has an ax. hasn't used it in nigh on two decades, likely won't ever use it again, but it's there.

    The HILF (high impact low frequency) mode of thought is very different from the HIHF (high impact high frequency) mode of thought that you are using. Saying you feel as if merely having it is paramount to needing it all the time shows explicitly that your mind is approaching it with the expectation of it being as prevalent as a door or a chair or a microwave.

    You don't obsess about the candles or the plunger, even though you need them uncommonly and the consequences of their lack would be stumbling in the dark and possibly ruining your bathroom floor. Why should you then obsess about a gun that you would need even MORE rarely than the plunger, while the consequences of a lack could be life and death?

    The disparity shows you're using a bad fit mental approach. Like when republicans scream about a million dollars of funding for something so that individual people approach it mentally like "A million is a lot from the single person standpoint" when it should instead be approached with the thought "That's 1/150th of a penny from each working person, so go ahead and fund that project."

    You seem to be having the same mental misfit of the concept. I'm not trying to offend, just attempting to poke your perception into trying a different angle.

    It Takes A Village To Keep The Peace...(RKBA).......(-7.12, -5.54)

    by JayFromPA on Tue Oct 26, 2010 at 05:49:43 PM PDT

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