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View Diary: PA-Sen: A Microcosm for Democrats (92 comments)

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    Adam B

    I think that the media was definitely on Obama's side in 08'.  By and large anyway.  Granted, FOX News opposed him and there were many pundits who kept predicting John McCain to the very end.  And perhaps the media bias wasn't as great in his favor as we might remember.  But by and large there was pro Obama bias.

    But right now, there is bias against him.  As you point out, 38,000 people rallying for Obama at USC receives less press attention than a Sarah Palin tweet.  

    •  They were pro Obama in 08 because he was winning (0+ / 0-)

      and because he made a better story. A new superstar for the Democrats, the first African American President, etc. He even came in on the eve of the 200th birthday of Lincoln. It was perfect. In the week before election day, only the most bitter end Republicans like Morris and Rove  were not already resigned to the fact that it was over.

      I think the other thing is that those in the media want to predict who the Republican nominee will be, hence the obsession with Palin.  

      Hopefully, in the event of a Republican house, Obama will be savvy enough to know how to play it right so that the Republicans look like vindictive bastards while he's a President who's still popular with the people. That's how Clinton managed to rebound from '94.

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