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View Diary: NYT: 9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings (18 comments)

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  •  Motherfuckers. (none)
    Sorry about the language.

    But the assholes had this information, had a fucking memo entitled "Bin Ladin DETERMINED to attack in US" then they have the fucking temerity to say "we couldn't have known!" with a straight fucking face?

    3,000 lives.  Biggest fuck up in American history.

    If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

    by Georgia Logothetis on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 08:43:40 PM PST

    •  That is why it is a hard and fast rule of mine (none)
      only to refer to Frau Secretary as:

      Condi "Yes, sir it sure sounds like one terrible pilot" Rice.

      The Oval Office: Because there are no corners, there is nowhere to make the President sit when he has shamed the nation.

      by BooMan23 on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 09:22:13 PM PST

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      •  Frau Secretary--I like that (none)
        Someone a couple of months ago called her Condiliar Rice--I like that one too.

        Politics is like driving. To go backward, put it in R. To go forward, put it in D.

        by TrueBlueMajority on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 02:39:05 AM PST

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