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View Diary: Senate Snapshot, October 26th: What the percentages mean (74 comments)

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  •  get off your cross (0+ / 0-)

    really I am just absolutely sick of your martyr complex. It's almost pathological at this point.

    I asked because I really wanted to know what you have done and about as I figured it you wrapped it up in a nice little Deminteque bow.

    How thrilling, I really hope Sestak wins but some how I doubt he'll ever be the perfection you imagine. And that's where I pity you because no politician can ever live up to purity and while you're busy throwing tantrums the rest of us are busy remember something you've forgotten.

    Not every area is progressive. Not every is of the mind set you or I am.  But that's too much for your poor mind isn't it? The knowledge that people disagree with you and have the right to?

    But that's a diary for another time, so shod off and work just for the better democrats. The adults will keep working out the practicality of matters. Like working to keep Roy Blunt out of the senate.

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