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View Diary: BREAKING NEWS: Bush Covered Up 9/11 Report of Warnings (328 comments)

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  •  Coup d'etat 2004: GOP sits on 3 oops, no 4 reports (3.94)
    'til reelection is a done deal

    Suppressed CIA and SIC Reports Deny the Right to Hold the Bush Administration to FULL Account on Nov 2.



    WHY THE HELL ARE WE DENIED -- by design - full knowledge of the facts surrounding the performance of our top level Administration officials during what will most likely be viewed through history as the paramount events of the New American Century?!


    and I'm the one wearing the tin hat?!?!

    •  yupe (3.75)
      The bushies is going to cover up and try to sabotage all investigations.
      •  Bush Admin Obstruction of 911 Investigation (3.87)
        Record of Bush Administration's Obstruction of Investigation of 911


        The current regime attempted by all means possible to thwart formation and function of the Independent 911 Commission. This article attempts to document that obstruction.

        This is a compilation of evidence originally made public by `mainstream media', government, or other creditable sources as entered into the Complete 911 and Complete Iraq Timeline databases. The citations and commentary are as archived in the searchable database at the Cooperative Research website. There I searched for the term "commission". I then compiled only items related to formation or function of the Joint Senate Intelligence or Independent 911 Commissions having dates after 9/11/2001. This tragically clear delimiter was the obvious mark after which data related to formation and process of investigative commissions might follow. Finally excluded from the history-compilation were events that included `commission' simply due to the record mentioning 'commission' in retrospective commentary, that is, the record had no bearing on the Bush Administration's obstruction of its formation or function.


        this thing is like 13 microsoft word pages long.

        •  sorry... (4.00)
 what?  We have been collecting and documenting the numerous consequential lies, evasions and distortions around activities and initiatives promulgated by this group since forever.  Nothing happens.  And nothing will happen until we take a new tack.  There will be no Congressional investigations - the Republicans run the Congress.  There will be no huge media expose either - same reason.  The only way that we are going to get traction on these people is to lead grass roots resistance and actions such as focused economic boycotts.  Once these shake up the pot and get them upset, then the Congress can get the political capital and traction to start hauling them up and the media will start to listen.  Till then, the only people getting excited is us.  

          We need a new approach other than our usual outrage and then posting 300 comments that do nothing else except make us feel frustrated and angry.  A new way  starts with us and with some version of organized resistance and boycott. If something new doesnt start, I promise you we will be chewing the same outrage and futility four years from now with nothing to show for it but articulate comments. Just my opinion ....  

          Dreaming of clear streams, clear skies and our hearts clear and free from hate...

          by SwimmertoFreedom04 on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 10:09:31 PM PST

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          •  I have been screaming this sentiment too... (none)
            I have written more emails and letters to editors this past year than I care to recall!  My fingers furiously tapped out my rage and frustration and demanded accountability daily up and through the (s)election, along with the countless thousands of others like me, doing the same.  

            All to no avail.

            Even with Media Matters chronicling the outrageous lies from the right, as well as blogs too numerous to count doing the same...they continue to lie and distort facts every single day. They are cocky and arrogant and simply endure, refute or ignore the barrage of angry liberal letters calling for accountability. There is always a new story emerging each day to top yesterdays outrage anyway, so the complainers are quickly forgotten, or simply replaced by newer complainers.  

            I fully agree with you, and I've said it over and over in a variety of sites - until we start hurting them...that means in their pocketbooks, they won't change one single thing!  As long as we keep tuning in to see what bullshit Hannity or O'Reilly spews, or what any number of other wingnuts say or do...WE are enabling them and perpetuating the problem!  

            You are absolutely right, it is time to stop talking about it and take action.  I don't know what is best, but I certainly think a serious boycott of advertisers AND their networks is a good place to start.  If we represent 48% of the country, then we are probably close to that percentage of their viewer audience as well. (not scientific, just a guesstimate based on TV polls that are often split 50/50 down party lines)
            If half of their viewing audience suddenly disappeared, ya think they'd notice?! Think they'd notice if they lost them for more than two consecutive days in a row?  How 'bout a week, just for starters? If their advertisers saw a drop in their ratings and pulled millions of dollars worth of advertising...they might get the message.  Or we could start up a Sinclair type boycott list for each of the networks primary advertisers, particularly those on the wingnut programs.  And then actually boycott those companies...permanently, or until they stop supporting these lunatics.  

            Since they have proven they have no conscience, we should recognize by now that the only way to penetrate corporate media is through the almighty dollar.  If we already know this, then why don't we do anything about it? What are we waiting for?

            •  Retake America's Perception (none)
              how to reprogram our perceptions?  first demonstrate that our perceptions are regularly programmed through the consumption machine.  

              i've been roughing out an idea or two that i plan to diary on dkos but some of the sketch i'll link below:

              the media project is to somehow demonstrate on a mass scale how we are continually, regularly conditioned to be the america that we are currently. the idea is a Paid-To-View project in which over two to four weeks participants are paid to watch a 15 to 30 minute program every day designed creatively to be interesting, perhaps informative, but having an underlying propaganda message that's hammered home implicitly.

              following the program, the participants are tested for the various messages true and false that have been conditioned into them over that month and the resulting farce message demonstrated to have been successfully hammered home amidst whatever else of true nature had also been implanted by that conditioning.

              i'd hope the demonstration to the avg jane/joe that they've absorbed the "expletive deleted" embedded in their daily ration would be something that would motivate them to seek to change the magnificent consumption-conditioning machine.

              walk down any suburban street between 6 and 10 pm every night and look for those windows that don't have a blue glow lighting them up. how much of america do you think is routinely tuned into the consumer-conditioning machine?

              [snip]The same poll in June showed that 56% of all Republicans said they thought Saddam was involved with the 9/11 attacks. In the latest poll that number actually climbs, to 62%.

              The independent commission that investigated 9/11 concluded in June that there was "no credible evidence that Iraq and al-Qaeda cooperated...


              the preface of which includes the most important line of our time:

              it became ever more apparent that the media still have their work cut out for them on this issue.

              >>> we are literally the product of our media.

              some compilation of ideas, etc:
              I'd love to change the world

              first post describes how we're conditioned to swallow the product: None but ourselves can free our minds

              bottomline: daily perception conditioning programs the images in our heads.  demonstrate to the avg jane/joe via a program they're paid to watch for two weeks to a month and via post-test, show how the propaganda program has changed their beliefs

              how many times did cheney tell the camera that saddam did 911?  beyond rhetorically, if anyone knows a way to research this, i'd appreciate your indicating it to me.

              •  Yes, and ALSO: Retake America's House and Senate! (none)
                I hope we all now can clearly see the value in:

                • transparent and fair elections

                • Kos's highlighting of the need to contest all House and Senate races!

                • stronger ward/precinct-level organization

                (My dKos Public Email is altered. Swap "ve-riz-on" and "ace-pumpk-in", then remove dashes to email me.)

                by Ace Pumpkin on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 09:09:47 AM PST

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                •  Agree but (none)
                  ---We have to do something to change the nature of the national debate.  Right now - their power is imbedded in our formal political institutions -the legislature and courts, the media,and the corporate sector...we won't be able to change the debate except around the edges unless we change the paradigm around discussing POWER. Right now, WE actually have more power than we are using.  But it is RELATIONAL rather than inherent in roles.  To sustain their power, they must, MUST have us obey their rules.  When followers do not obey, the power of the leader dies. One of the ways that we can disobey is to not buy things from selected and targeted corporations involved in supporting the current regime.  This is about empowering the masses of the opposition - US.

                  As you say, it is still very important to run good candidates.  But it will help them and our cause a lot to start shaking things up a bit at the grass roots. Without that shake up - we are looking at continuing to nip around the edges while the others shape the debate - what there is of it.  Please check out my recent diary on this too if you would like. I am dead serious here and think that its high time to start taking another tack.  When your political institutions fail, you must have a plan B.

                  Dreaming of clear streams, clear skies and our hearts clear and free from hate...

                  by SwimmertoFreedom04 on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 09:47:35 AM PST

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            •  YARSGSHKSKLA!!!! (none)


              My diary on this.  Totally agree and have done some preliminary investigation on sponsors for Bill O'Reilly on Fox: General Motors and Doubleday/Random House are two that I have identified thus far but there are more.

              I was also thinking that we could do a three pronged attack to target: a media focus (Bill O'Reilly-Fox), a company involved in supporting the war like the Peroni Group which also builds gambling and other resorts and the third a corporate financial supporter of the President's re-election. What do you think?  Want to set up another diary soon to get people's ideas but also please read the diary that links to a very worthwhile piece on the various means of nonviolent resistance and why its used - for situations just like this when our regular political institutions are not working...


              Dreaming of clear streams, clear skies and our hearts clear and free from hate...

              by SwimmertoFreedom04 on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 09:32:33 AM PST

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          •  Suggestions? (none)
            Sure let's boycott. Boycott what exactly. Grassroots resistance of what. I'm game. No offense but Blogs have had an effect on let's see: the Boxer rebellion, the Conyers Commission, Gonzoles, the hump in the badly tailored suit, the Wilson papers, the supposedly fake Bush Nat'l Guard memos, etc...

            Blogs are part of the mainstream media because they monitor and steal from us all the time. Perhaps our outrage will register. But complaining because we're outraged is of no constructive help IMO. The 300 posts are not what fuels the anger, it's the deeds perpetrated by the administration.

            •  Not sure (none)
              ---that I get your point.  I wasnt complaining because we are outraged and believe me, I get it that the blogs are not the source of our outrage, for Pete's sake. I think that you missed my point.  The point is that logging our complaints alone is not enough to change what is happening. We need consider another tack if we actually want to change things. We can of course blog and do other things - right? Or do you think that blogging alone is enough to address the problems that we see?

              I wasn't disparaging blogs but more seeking another point of action. As to your examples, I prefer our influence on Sinclair Broadcasting this past election which highlighted the potential effectiveness of an economic boycott. Yes, and it was the blogs that facilitated how quickly that evolved.

              If you read my post upstring, I also provide a suggestion about what to boycott. I suggested a three pronged attack of a selected media, war contractor and corporate supporter of Bush re-election.  The goal, to cost them a lot for their support for this administration or its key policies - make them pay a price for their support, literally.  Sinclair worked well at the time...our goal then was not to keep it up but we cost them millions and they did change their immediate plans.

              Please read my diary too - link in the string above.  Economic boycotts are not always easy and they do require persistence.  This is not a quick fix, true.  But such a boycott would provide us with increased cohesion and power in our opposition, especially when so many of our institutions are insentive to our views.  Again, please read.

              Dreaming of clear streams, clear skies and our hearts clear and free from hate...

              by SwimmertoFreedom04 on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 04:19:28 PM PST

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        •  Why didn't someone from the 9/11 commission (4.00)
          Resign in protest????

          What kind of wussies were they?

          I find it unbelievable that not one of them could muster some intestinal fortitude - or spine - to say - I do not care, - unless this report is released in full - I will resign - and I will tell what is in this report - and if I have to go to jail - so be it.

          That person would have been a true patriot -- I am so disgusted -

          and if I had a loved one die in the towers or on the planes - I would go after each of these commisioners and find out from them what their reasons were for this kind of cowardness.

          SpongeBush SquarePants: SpongeBush lives in a bubble in D.C./absorbent and shallow and porous is he! - - Maureen Dowd

          by sara seattle on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 10:13:07 PM PST

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