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View Diary: BREAKING NEWS: Bush Covered Up 9/11 Report of Warnings (328 comments)

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  •  Liars... (3.87)
    "From Bush to Cheney to Rice to Rumsfeld to Ashcroft..."

    Don't stop there, Wolfowitz, Powell, Rove, the list seems endless.

    •  But Clinton got a blowjob! (4.00)
      Sure, thousands upon thousands of people have died needlessly- but he engaged in consensual sexual activity!

      They're freedom haters. We're freedom lovers. Don't tell Canada. - David Cross

      by noshenanigans on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 04:53:26 AM PST

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      •  Priorities, people! (none)
        A blow job trumps illegal wars, incompetence, fiscal insanity and the destruction of this country's standing in the world. Oh, unless it's George W. Bush getting the blow job in the Oval Office from, oh, let's say, Karl Rove.  Then it's perfectly acceptable, just one of the perks of office for the annointed one. Though I don't think anything involving Rove and sex could actually be called a "perk".
      •  Monica (none)
        is responsible for the take down of America.

        That is the only conclusion I can come to.

        That is one powerful woman.

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