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View Diary: BREAKING NEWS: Bush Covered Up 9/11 Report of Warnings (328 comments)

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  •  all we need is that whistleblower from FAA-NORAD (3.90)
    I always suspected that Cheney was talking to NORAD and FAA via secret channels and ordering them to stand down but we can't listen FAA or NORAD tapes because they are all classified. So we need that brave person to come forward.
    •  Try destroyed (3.94)
      some of the tapes of the air traffic controllers out on Long Island were found in little itty bitty pieces in several garbage cans scattered throughout the facility.

      Story given was that once the controllers were interviewed, the tapes weren't necessary any longer.

      Have to wonder what ever happened to the person who destroyed those tapes.

      Oh, wait a minute...maybe it can be arranged to grant him a Medal of Freedom?

      •  I also read that they were destroyed (4.00)
        Some of the rarest raw recorded evidence of what was going on and it gets destroyed.

        Coincidence?  Bureacratic f-up?  

        I think not.

        •  not if it was communications w/ Cheney or Bush (4.00)
          I doubt it would be destroyed. That's why ALL FAA and NORAD tapes are classified. FAA has threatened to terminate pensions for current and retired employees if they talk.
        •  just did some memory checking (4.00)
          apparently it was one tape. I don't have the story itself yet. This was posted on a site (King of Zembla, May 8, 2004) the day after the story broke. It's purportedly from a retired air traffic controller:

          As to the meat of the story to which you linked: the tape (apparently singular) destroyed was not an operational tape. It was the equivalent of jotted notes of personal impressions immediately after the incident. Controllers are advised not to make any statements regarding an incident under investigation until they have listened to the operational tapes and consulted with their union representative. Typically they will first jot down some private impressions and then incorporate the objective information available from the taping system and at that point make a formal, legally-binding, written statement. I can tell you from a number of personal experiences that a decompression and reflection period is critical. Emotions run very high--lives may have been lost and one's career and sense of self are in great jeopardy. I have also been the person who operated the taping system for Quality Assurance while walking other controllers through the play-by-play of the incident.

          Now regarding the immediate aftermath of the morning of 9/11, apparently due to the extraordinary significance of this incident, NY Center management and the local NATCA leadership agreed to temporarily overlook this procedure to see if any time-critical knowledge was available.

          He goes on to argue that no air traffic controller would ever hide any wrong-doing. Sigh. A noble sentiment. But lots of small pieces in lots of different garbage cans?

          Seems a bit excessive, no?

          •  these noble sentiments (4.00)
            are pretty sad in light of the news stories, which are much worse than I remembered.

            From the WaPo of May 7, 2004.

            Six air traffic controllers provided accounts of their communications with hijacked planes on Sept. 11, 2001, on a tape recording that was later destroyed by a Federal Aviation Administration manager, according to a government investigative report issued yesterday.

            It is unclear what was on the tape, but its destruction did little to dispel the appearance that government officials withheld evidence, the report by the Department of Transportation inspector general said.

            The report found that an FAA manager tape-recorded an hour-long interview with the controllers just hours after the hijacked aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. His intention was to provide the information quickly to the FBI. But months after the recording, the tape was never turned over to the FBI and another FAA manager decided on his own to destroy the tape, crushing it with his hand, cutting it into small pieces and depositing the pieces into several trash cans, the report said.

            It goes on to name names, and describe punishment. Also pretty sad. NY Times also reported on this.

          •  found it- Cheney was connected to NORAD phones (4.00)

            Read it - Cheney was on the phones w/ NORAD. Bush may have but not sure and that's why we are allowed to listen to the tapes.

            It is not that difficult to reconstruct the events on 911. When did Bush know ? When did Cheney do? They knew.

            Oh, btw, Meyers was the commander of NORAD, prmoted to Chairman after 911.

          •  Destroyed tape (none)
            Let me guess, that was the tape from the plane that crashed in Shanksville, PA, right? The one where the passengers stormed the cockpit? I'll bet that's the one.

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