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View Diary: BREAKING NEWS: Bush Covered Up 9/11 Report of Warnings (328 comments)

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  •  But don't you see... (none)
    this just means that such warnings were commonplace and ho-hum.  Can't check them all out, can we?  Can't spend all our time chasing our tails, can we?

    This is how the Right wing will look at it, certainly Condi...

    •  Connect these dots ya bastids (none)
      Yeah, I doubt they'd get very far on "ho-hum" with specific warnings to the FAA about UBL suicide missions on domestic flights.

      The FAA is not in charge of our national security.  All of the administration asshats have said they were looking for the threat outside our borders.  Oceans and such, remember?  Rumsfeld said it wasn't his job, it was the FAA and NORAD.  Until Bob Kerrey thumped him with "It was your job to protect the Pentagon, wasn't it?"

      Recall that on September 11, 2001, our military was playing war games involving just this scenario.  With all of those specific warnings, the Pentagon, the FAA and NORAD had no "plan" to deal with the hijacked flights?  Consider that fighters routinely made contact with planes that were either off course or had lost communication.  Shoot down orders were SOP when lives were in danger.  

      Yet, this government didn't do a damn thing before or on 9/11 except obstruct those whose hair was on fire.  Putin, James Woods, The Phoenix memo, Zacarias Moussaoui, UBL in a Dubai hospital with CIA, the put options on American Airlines and United.  Nobody ever imagined... Failed to connect the dots my ass.

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