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  •  tip jar (none)
    Can someone explain to me how a "tip jar" works?  I have heard the phrase used on numerous occasions, but I can't figure out what it means exactly.  Anyone care to enlighten me?


    •  A "tip jar" is (none)
      a follow-up post made inside his or her own diary by a diarist who feels readers may want to give positive ratings to the diary.

      Since diaries themselves aren't rateable in the same way as individual posts are, making a post inside his or her own diary is the only way the diarist can receive positive ratings or "mojo" for the work.

      If you want to give Thinking Republican a tip, search about in the thread for a post by him/her and rate that.

      •  thanks (none)
        I see know. Thanks for the info.  Another question though: Isn't that what the recommend button is for?  Have I been using it wrong?


        •  Different. (none)
          The 'Recommend' button is voting to elevate a diary to the Recommended list, where it will stay around somewhat longer, so more people will see it.

          Giving a 4 to a comment elevates that person's "mojo" (a number calculated internally by Scoop) and helps make them, or keep them, a Trusted User.

          Both are indications of approval. They just have different effects.

          Massacre is not a family value.

          by Canadian Reader on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 03:45:04 PM PST

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