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View Diary: Why I'm not voting a straight DEM ticket (95 comments)

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  •  No, I don't think you are Obama-bashing.... (0+ / 0-)

    ...but, I think that the media who created the meme might very well be.

    I'm completely playing psychic here, but I'll try to answer your question about why Caprio had the nasty reaction he had (and I did not hear that Caprio had made a comment about how he would welcome an Obama endorsement).  It's Caprio's lack of respect for someone who is truly a Democrat. Obama is not, as Caprio appears to be, a Democrat in name only (I mean, he was courting the GOP earlier this how dedicated is he to the DEM platform?). I think his comment will sink his candidacy, and if that happens, I believe RI will have dodge a bullet.

    IF Caprio did make a statement--one that President Obama knew about at the time--that he'd welcome an endorsement, only to be snubbed, then yes, I agree Obama could have/should have phoned him.  That said, IF Caprio did make that statement about welcoming an endorsement, then he really looks more foolish now given his "shove it" remark.  Instead, he should have said nothing, or said, "Well, it's disappointing, but what I am really counting on are the RI voters to endorse me next week."  That was the high road Caprio did not take. Instead, he took a very low road, that I think is revealing.

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