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View Diary: NV-Sen: Sec. of State blasts Angle for peddling conspiracy theory to raise cash (105 comments)

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  •  "Even before she loses" (12+ / 0-)

    You know it, Jed. Harry Reid should thank his lucky stars the Gods presented him with Sharron Angle as an opponent. Angle has got to be the worst NV GOP candidate since, Jim Gibbons (and we lost to him).

    I get a lot of the anger towards Reid, he has been as Kabuki as it gets the last six years. But, replacing him with a candidate from the Extra Batshit Crazy Wing of the GOP is not the answer, and the folks in Vegas who rely on Fox News to do their thinking for them, well, even they've mostly figured that one out. Or at least enough of them to carry Reid to a close victory.

    I voted for both Reids on Thurs. I don't think Rory is going to get there, but I'd like him to try again at some point. I think he'll make an excellent Governor down the road.

    •  Amen (5+ / 0-)

      I also voted for both Reids on Saturday.  I keep wondering how the wingnuts who seem to drinking the hate-the-immigrant KoolAid from Angle and Rover can vote for someone named Sandoval without a thought.

      •  I Don't Mind Sandoval... (0+ / 0-)

        He'll make an excellent Gov as well, even though he's probably a little too Industry-friendly for my taste. Then again, you want to be Governor or Senator, you have to be really Industry I've said many a time here, there's very little difference ideologically between moderate Dems like H. Reid, R. Reid, any of the Millers, etc and moderate Repubs like Ensign, the late Kenny Guinn, Sandoval, Gibbons and other.

        The only one of the bunch above who's a tool is Gibbons, and Dina Titus couldn't beat him..which is why I say, if Titus, who is not the greatest candidate, can get reelected in NV-3, that's a pretty good litmus test how the elections will go nationally for the Dems, and certainly in the state.

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