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  •  Dear Gov. Dean, Please run for pres next year. (11+ / 0-)

    Even if you don't win, Obama has been a piss-poor POLITICAL head of this party and has us poised to lose to a bunch of unAmerican idiots whose policies were responsible for the mess in the first place.  That political failure, in and of itself, should warrant Obama a primary challenge.  But even beyond that, I relish a debate where Obama must actually answer the hard questions regarding his failures on Healthcare, DADT, and dealing with Republicans--even now naively believing in their good faith to work with him next year while they promise investigations and more obstruction if they take charge.  The admin said they had learned their lesson after Scott Brown lost Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts, but that obviously was a load of crap, as the dynamic has only gotten worse in the interim since.

    Please run, Governor!  When I think "Democratic Party Integrity" I think of you, and if anyone can hold Obama to account for his failures it is you, the original "I wanna know what the hell the Democrats think they are doing...." loyal opposition.  You were a voice of sanity then, and you can be again now.  We might still end up nominating Obama in 2012 (the incumbent usually does win...), but he should NOT get a free ride from those of us he's disappointed.

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