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  •  With all due respect Howard (0+ / 0-)

    The time for talking and discussions has long since past. Look, I still have a great deal of respect for you. I was a "Deaniac" in '04. There comes a time however when certain realities have to be accepted. These dems have the senate since 2007 and the WH and House for almost 2 years. Not only have they not done a damn thing to address core issues like the wars, healthcare, foreclosures, jobs, credit, etc, they've entrencehed the worst elements and players that has brought Americans and others so much grief and hardship. Anyone paying attention and looking beyond the soundbite facade knows this.

    This party is beyond reform. The very fact that a man such as yourself who not just talks the talk but walks the walk not a member of BO's cabinet at some position speaks volumes. If they treat you that way, what does that say about how they treat the rest of us. Oh, I just remembered. We are retarded fucking liberals.

    Doc, I know you are a party guy so this may fall on deaf ears but we may be better off if the neonazis take control and finally crash what's left in short order. All the dems are offering now is not a change in direction, just acceptance of slow eventual death.

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