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View Diary: AK-SEN: Oops! Something else Joe Miller hasn't disclosed (91 comments)

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  •  Okay . . . no need to answer (2+ / 0-)
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    kurt, foresterbob

    I've just read your old posts and found that you had said a couple of nice things about Kucinich and Dodd. You also praised Gravel (that was before he became a Libertarian). And you were one of Hillary's PUMA's for a while (guess the Balkan sniper-fire fiasco didn't trouble you). But before that, you were an Edwards cheerleader. Boy, I sure wish we had listened to you since we're all so naive. Sheesh. You trashed Obama and supported not one but two candidates who would have lost to McCain. And you say Markos needs to admit he made a naive mistake in endorsing Obama? Here's some naivete from one of your own posts:

    ... I'm still with the most honest of them: Edwards. Hard to choose and I'll support whoever wins, I still pick Edwards.


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