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  •  I could vote, but (0+ / 0-)

    who would I vote for?

    The corrupt, stupid know nothing GOP
    or the corrupt, stupid know nothing dems?


    my best bet

    is to stay home

    •  Or you could always.. (3+ / 0-)
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      sacrelicious, Matt Z, jan4insight

      write in Ralph Nader and feed his giant sized ego more than it already is.

      •  Nader had this right a long time ago (0+ / 0-)

        Voting only continues to legitimize what has become a hopelessly corrupt, pre-chewed and rigged system that leaves voters with a "choice" of

        right wing nutcakes
        right wing moderates

        progressives have been shut out.

        Put some progressives up and I will vote.

        Otherwise, the entire government can blow itself to smithereens under the guidance of idiots.  I give it about 10 years of one term presidencies and ill-fated congressess.

        By 2020 we'll see if America has had enough of ignorant blowhards and are ready to enact a true progressive agenda.

        Payback is SUCH a bitch.

        •  My disabled husband thanks you (6+ / 0-)

          My husband is oxygen-dependent. Every year we get a letter stating that liquid oxygen may be deleted from the list of Medicare-approved medications, because the Real Americans/Republicans feel that it costs too much to keep my husband alive.

          And every year the Democrats stop them.

          Every Democratic vote counts. Every one.

          With one vote less, it makes it that much easier for the greatest of all Republican dreams to come true - privatizing Social Security.

          You and your 'progressive' purity are just as much my enemy as the GOP.  

          Consign corporatism to the dankest crypt, and assign justice to the highest crag. For A More Perfect Union.

          by Alohilani on Sun Oct 31, 2010 at 05:07:44 PM PDT

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          •  If it were up to me (0+ / 0-)

            your disabled husband would receive the medical care he needs and his ability to receive it would not be at the mercy of private corporations and based solely on your ability to pay for it.

            The USA has deteriorated into a 3rd world country where only the obscenely wealthy can afford any quality of life.  

            THIS is what you vote for when you pick any one of these assholes.  They are all sellouts and don't kid yourself.  Obama will jettison SS and Medicare and blame it on the GOP.  Wait and see.  That spineless coward has yet to act like a fucking President.

    •  Do you as a none voter have any thing to say, we (1+ / 0-)
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      want to listen to? I've always said, those who don't vote should be quiet. I will not respond to your replies if any, because i can't see anymore of your comments.

      •  Not voting (0+ / 0-)

        is just as much within the First Amendment rights as voting is.

        So please stop telling me to be quiet.  

         It's not like there are any good people on the ballot worth voting for.  A vote at this point in time is simply perpetuating the fiction that (a) there is any real difference  between the candidates or parties they whore for (b) your vote will change anything -- landslide victory for Obama, overwhelming majority of Dems in congress still... a mandate to buy private insurance without any controls on the insurance industry (ooh, they can't refuse coverage due to pre-ex conditions but of course the dimwitted congress didn't think to limit the outrageous and unaffordable premiums); both wars still in full bloom;  DADT still not ended, note Obama's weak excuses for that abomination; federal government still shutting down medical marijuana clinics;  President claims the right to kill anyone anywhere anytime for any reason;  taxpayers own AIG but can't get free insurance;  taxpayers in debt till the 40th century for the banks;  no relief for defrauded and destitute homeowners; no jobs, 22% unemployment....

        Any of these problems could have been addressed with meaningful solutions that actually benefitted the average American but our entire government is beholden to private money.There isn't a soul on any ballot in the land who isn't bought and paid for.  If you can't understand that there is no longer a distinction between the fed and government then you are not paying attention.

        Stop telling people who don't vote to shut up.  Voters are and will continue to be responsible for whoever gets into office and for what they do while in office.  This system is broken and continuing to put scotch tape on it every four years without making any meaningful repairs is futile and foolish.

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