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  •  I recall in 2000 not one Democrat stood up (4+ / 0-)

    to start an investigation in 2000 when 73,000 AA were placed on felon list unjustifiably resulting in none of them being allowed to vote.

    I recall in 2004 only Senator Boxer stood up, but i haven't heard anything since.

    I suspect the same unwillingness is the reason none of them i know of have pushed investigations or tried to pass laws to regulate voter fraud. I Would you think considering the Dems lost two elections because of voter fraud, this would have been one of the first things they did? Or is it, someone or group determines who our elected officials should be? Ok, give us a billion and we'll give it to you, if you don't we'll give it to the other party. In other words, we service the highest bidder. Nothing has changed, so why couldn't the same thing happen again. What are who's going to stop it from happening? Why should we feel our votes are secure?

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