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  •  India is a false bogeyman (0+ / 0-)
    Please see my sigline as to why.

    Just ask politicians to find ways to balance foreign trade with China and other countries for American jobs to return.

    •  India isn't a bogeyman (1+ / 0-)
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      but, the GOP and their big business buddies would love it of American workers' wages were as cheap as those of workers in India. That was my only point, not a snipe at a very large, diverse, and remarkably successful (given how the British set it up) democracy.


      •  qwerty (0+ / 0-)
        On trade, GOP is for "free trade," which doesn't work when there are such drastic differences in the levels of development across nations. Even if all countries were at the same development level, the US would still need to balance its trade in the aggregate (i.e. total imports roughly equaling total exports) for long term economic well being.

        A better policy on trade, which is more or less common sense, but the numbers also support the case for it, is "Balanced Trade," namely the US should balance its trade (as much as possible) with all countries (except for very poor/undeveloped countries where we, as fellow human beings seeking to reduce poverty around the world, want to spur development), especially that with China and others that the US has huge trade deficits with.

        In short, "Balanced Trade" instead of "free trade." That's my point.

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