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  •  you are quite right (5+ / 0-)

    There are lots of reenactment groups in the US, from all sorts of time periods, with the Civil War and Revolutionary War being the two largest. (Such reenactment groups are also known as "living history societies--if you watch The History Channel for any length of time, you will see a number of them--they are often used as extras in historical dramas and documentaries).

    There are also reenactment groups who give historically-accurate portrayals of World War II, including both the American and the Nazi Armies (there are also contingents that portray the British, French, Japanese and Russian armed forces as well).

    These contingents use authentic uniforms, weapons (including tanks and armored vehicles) and simulated tactics in their portrayals.

    So a World War II reenactor who portrays a Nazi Waffen SS officer in a historically accurate way, is no more a Nazi sympathizer than a Revolutionary War reenactor who portrays a British officer is opposed to American independence, or a Civil War reenactor who portrays a Confederate flag-carrier is a racist who supports slavery.

    It's idiotic of us to say so.

    I myself have done Viking reenactment, and I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm not actually a Viking, though I portrayed one in a historically-accurate manner.

    •  I agree (4+ / 0-)

      Throwing the Nazi thing in with the economic facts only self-godwinned what was otherwise a great post.

    •  Thank You! (0+ / 0-)

      While I wholeheartedly agree with points 1-3 of the original post, I tire of this whole "Nazi" reenactor thing being brought up at every opportunity.  It's a non-issue.  In the word reenactor, the operative term is "actor".  You know, as in playing a role.  Let me let y'all in on a secret: that guy playing Hamlet in that Shakespeare in the Park production isn't really a Danish prince, and that chick who plays Ophelia isn't really crazy.

      I may very well be a "lost cause", but I think there are plenty of reality based facts to skewer Republicans on.  You don't need to bring up a hobby that is pursued by as many Democrats as Republicans, and that has the social benefit of educating its participants and the public about World War 2 (and its attendant atrocities), as some sort of "proof" of Nazi sympathies.

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