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View Diary: Election Diary Rescue 2010 (10/29 - FOUR Days 'til Election Day!) (19 comments)

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  •  Not that I'm in CA, but my help: (2+ / 0-)
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    Sylv, Off Topic

    In doing Election Diary Rescue mining for the past few weeks, I've come across a few diaries on the Prop initiatives (most prominent being Prop 19, of course).

    For example, I remember diaries on Prop 21... with differing viewpoint. On both sides of the debate: vote YES, and vote NO.

    The way I understand Proposition 21 is that it would charge California drivers a fee on vehicle registrations in order to fund California's state parks.

    I suppose the main choice in the diaries I've read was whether or not you would want to pay that fee ("tax"), and what amount you'd be willing to pay in return for what.

    Here's a quick example from two opposing diarists on the topic:

    I'm not in CA, but I'd vote yes if it was on the ballot in NJ.

    That's just for one Prop.

    This diarist did a quick, cursory run-down on all the initiatives and where the diarist stands on them and why.

    But I would highly suggest, if you are looking for opinions of others here, using the search to look for more and differing opinions.

    For instance, if you see in that last diary, the diarist opposes Prop 20.

    But, this diarist takes a differing look and comes out in support of Prop 20.

    I'd say hit this link, and start plugging away at the different Prop numbers.

    Happy voting!

    More and Better Democrats

    by SJerseyIndy on Sat Oct 30, 2010 at 06:00:26 AM PDT

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