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View Diary: Final ABC-Post poll has Dems within 4 among LVs (43 comments)

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  •  white women...remember..white women...the (6+ / 0-)

    pollsters have stopped polling minorities ...why?...because they don't vote even though 12% of the 2008 were black and 9% were Hispanics. Do you think ´Black Voters are going to sit this one out, how about Nevada/Arizon/CA/CO Hispanics...would they let bigots win...

    There is a storm coming, I think conservative consumers of Media are in for a surprise...democrats have come to terms with the likelihood of a speaker Bonner (I know)but Conservatives voters live in a bubble protected from bad news, would they accept, Reid and McAdams and Bennet winning, would they accept a Speaker Pelosi?...I am worried for their sanity...well they could get MORE insane!

    •  I agree (11+ / 0-)

      we are going to loose house seats but I don't think its going to be a huge loss we are either going to keep the house by 2-4 seats or lose it by 2-4 seats.

      They reason why the media is painting this as a massive republican wave is because they think that this mid term election is going to be like past ones so they only believe that that only white older people will vote and everyone else will sit out.

      The big thing that Obama did on 08 was not to just pump up the youth vote and minority voters for a single election he got them involved in the political process to the point where they engaged in a long term.

      More blacks and the youth votes are going to be more motivated to vote in this mid term because the work obama did in 08'

      so if minority and the youth vote increase by about 2-4% than the MSM has stated will happen then that will produce enough of a shift to tilt enough seats to our side.

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