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View Diary: LA TIMES: "Is Dennis Kucinich an Endangered Species?" (454 comments)

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  •  The column is a lie (19+ / 0-)

    The author of the column is Andrew Malcolm.  He edits the LA Times political "blog."  He is the former press secretary to Laura Bush and numerous of the other "bloggers" have ties to conservative Republicans.

    You will perhaps note that the only solid quote comes from William Kristol, not exactly from the center of the political spectrum.  And he cites a "private poll" (not a Democratic or Republican poll, not from any newspaper, not from the DCCC or RCCC, just a "private poll."

    He then goes on to cite an "expert" from  Except we don't know what that "expert" had to say, except to cite Kucinich's winning percentage in his last election.  Except that the cited RCP expert, Sean Trende, is actually a conservative attorney from Richmond.  (Perhaps he writes articles for RCP, which in my experience is Republican leaning as well.)

    The news here isn't whether Kucinich deserves to be re-elected (he does) or whether he occasionally shoots his mouth off (he does).  The issue isn't Kucinich at all, except that's who the Republicans chose to use this forum to slime.  The issue is the LAtimes' response to their financial problems; they are basically selling their rather degraded brand to the highest bidding crew of wingnut ghouls.  And the LATimes has dressed up for Halloween as a media whore, and their bloggers are the lipstick.

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