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  •  Ours became so cynical in Florida (4+ / 0-)
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    eru, DBunn, TheFatLadySings, dakinishir

    with our politicians, starting at least a decade ago, that it became the fad to register "unaffiliated", they aren't and weren't all former Republicans...mostly socially liberal and felt disenfranchised".

    They came out in '08...Obama won them.  I hope the Jeb Bush corporate-enabling media and their fearmongering, nasty ads don't keep them home.

    Alex Sink needs them...she is only 1 point ahead of Scott in the new poll.

    My son lives and works near Ybor City, in Tampa, and I'm meeting him at Alex Sink's welcome home rally and concert tonight at 6:00 at the Ritz.  Wish her luck! (he was one of those former non-affiliated voters)

    GOTV for Alex Sink...we can't have our corrupt GOP legislature in Tallahassee running roughshod...they have stacks of corporate/personal-enabling  legislation waiting for a signature that Gov. Crist refused. (Scott would more than enable them)

    GOP (the Grand Outsourcing Party brought to us by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

    by mjd in florida on Mon Nov 01, 2010 at 07:36:24 AM PDT

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