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View Diary: Democrats Should've Passed Everything I Wanted the Way I Wanted it in Obama's First Two Years! (71 comments)

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    The whining out of the left is just been ridiculous.

    Obama is pragmatic, and we wanted a firebrand. Vote for Kucinich next time.

    Instead of cheering, we whined, and were upset like a spoiled kid at Xmas who didn't get everything he wanted.

    Obama has done everything he campaigned on, or at least has attempted it.

    For some reason, we let "Public Option" = health care and did this with all other policies.

    That, factored in by timid blue dogs that bogged things up and lost their seats anyway, = disaster.

    This has been a failure of democratic rank and file to realize what they had.

    Everything you have ever wanted now is GONE!

    Hope ya'll are happy.


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