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View Diary: Democrats Should've Passed Everything I Wanted the Way I Wanted it in Obama's First Two Years! (71 comments)

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    I think everyone agrees that even if we hold the House, the rest of Obama's first term will be different from the first two years. If you thought the pugs were obstructionist before, just wait until they actually have a gavel. Nothing good will come out of DC for two years. But that is an opportunity.

    We need to take that anger and use it to spend the next two years making sure that the American populace knows that the GOP is at fault for the impending meltdown. Starving a weak economy will not produce anything but pain (for the non-CEO's of course). We need to make sure that the blame gets laid squarely on Boner's front door.

    Bombard the corporately owned media with the truth until they are forced to echo it back on the air. Instead of GOTV, make it GOTF - Get Out The Facts!

    After two years of Boner, America will lunge back to the Dems and Obama.

    (Slightly related best sign at the Rally: Fear gives me a Boehner)

    As long as there is big business, there will be a need for big government.

    by beefydaddy18 on Mon Nov 01, 2010 at 01:54:41 PM PDT

    •  If we hold the Senate and Republicans the House (0+ / 0-)

      And they start a bunch of "investigations" of Obama and how Democrats have conducted national affairs, we really need to do the same on Republicans in the Senate and in the Justice Department.  If we don't, ALL the news will be dominated by their fake investigations and the REAL fraud and abuse under Bush and the Republicans will never get revealed.  If Obama doesn't decide to do some looking back instead of looking forward, we will be living under a Republican President and Congress in 2012.  All the good things he and the Democrats have done was completely overwhelmed by baseless charges of abuse and wild spending.  If Republican abuse and wild spending had been exhaustively investigated, along with their unconstitutional behavior, the charges of unconstitutional behavior by Obama would look like attempts to defend themselves from being nailed for their offenses, not like THEY were the ones defending the constitution.  We need to stop being nice guys and maybe be as nasty as the Republicans charge us with being (but focus it on them and their rich bankster backers).

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