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View Diary: Why 2-3% tomorrow will matter a great deal (140 comments)

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  •  that is in part why we are here isnt it? (3+ / 0-)
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    Asak, Odysseus, Losty

    Bush tax breaks for the rich still unchallenged... Check
    LGBT rights still ignored... Check
    Cap and Trade & Climate ignored... Check
    Troops still in Iraq, (but we are saying the conflict part is over whatever that means)... Check
    War still raging in Afghanistan... Check
    GITMO still open... Check
    Fed wiretapping still ok... Check
    Banks given loads of tax payer money, (both in government loans and paying them interest to take our money).... Check
    Insurance, Corporations, big business and CEO’s all protected from taking the fall... Check
    Economy still in the crapper... Check
    Healthcare Bill single payer compromised, (dont forget McDonalds and others being exempted)... Check

    I guess thinking some of the above could have happended with a huge majority in both houses, the Presidency and a overwhelming mandate was crazy talk?

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