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View Diary: Why I'm Against Restoring Sanity (29 comments)

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  •  You make some good points (8+ / 0-)

    But I think you missed the diarist's point, too. Her objection isn't to "thoughtful ways to address thoughtful people"; it is more about too many people who thoughtlessly by-pass the issues entirely.

    I know bunches of sane, rational, regular people. They aren't Tea partiers, nor are they progressive activists. They are those people driving home in traffic, figuring out what to fix for dinner, looking forward to watching the ball game or DWTS, wondering if they have time to pick up the dry cleaning tomorrow before they have to do car-pool to soccer practice.

    The problem is what they don't do. They don't read the newspaper. They don't watch TV news, or listen to more than the 3 minutes of news on their fave music station (if that).  They are irritated by all the campaign ads and tune them out. They know there are underlying issues and facts in the campaign, but it's hard work, and time consuming, ferreting them out. They rely on a couple of friends or co-workers who do seem to keep up with that stuff to give them a synopsis. They are immensely proud that we have made it possible for women thousands of miles away to go vote and get purple ink on their fingers. They know they should vote tomorrow, but it's not a priority - so they won't, if they can't work it in between the dry cleaning and the soccer car pool.

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