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  •  Me, I take their threats very seriously. (5+ / 0-)

    And I don't think this will backfire on them. I really don't. I think if we're having as much trouble now getting our base together plus Indies and some moderate R's, 2012 will not be a cake walk.

    I don't see BO going more towards the left in the next 2 years.  Too many Americans are buying into the whole "socialism" scare meme. I think the R's could potentially work their insanity (i.e., why we had to destroy gov't. in order to save it) into a somewhat plausible message for '12.

    •  Not sure I agree... (0+ / 0-)

      We are having trouble right now because of the economy and we have more incumbents running for office than the Republicans, especially in the house. We won a lot of close elections in 2008 because Obama turned out populations that typically do not vote. As for the base, it depends on what you call the base. DKos is sort of the fringe least the people who write the most popular diaries. But among most of my liberal and moderate friends, they still love Obama. The fringe is angry because their favorite issues were not addressed but that makes up a small number of Obama's base. His base consists of AA's, liberals, many left-leaning moderates and independents, not just far-left progressives. He is still very popular, more so than many presidents at this point in his presidency, and especially more so than other presidents who had to deal with such severe economic issues.

      If the economy gets worse, then we will see what happens but my guess is if the Republicans don't give Obama a chance, then they will be blamed. If they really believed Obama's plans would not work to help the economy, they would not be threatening shut downs. But they have nothing to lose. If it gets better, it hurts them. If it gets worse, it may or may not hurt them, depending on how the White House plays it.

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