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View Diary: Condi Lied: Declassified Memo from Clarke (416 comments)

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  •  He mentioned that in his interviews (4.00)
    Here's what he said to Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes.
    But on January 24th of 2001, I wrote a memo to Condileezza Rice asking for, urgently -- underlined urgently -- a cabinet level meeting to deal with the impending al Qaeda attack and that urgent memo wasn't acted on.
    •  He goes way beyond urgently (none)
      In a concise three page memo he manages to use all of the following:

      "We urgently need..."
      "Pending time sensitive decisions"
      "this Spring" (note - spring of 2001)
      "a decision is needed now"
      "other issues awaiting addressal now"
      "proposing early strong messages"
      "proposing in the FY02 budget"  (note - this would mean early in 01?)
      "we can take some decisions now"
      "I recommend that you ... soon"
      "Immediate... Decisions"

      At what point does this become criminal negligence?

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